So if you have been playing the DOTA 2 beta with friends and choose to use a program for communication like Ventrilo or Teamspeak you may have noticed that it hijacks your push-to-talk button. (In my case it was mouse button 4). Now if this has happened to you may have attempted to disable the in game voice chat all together to no avail.

If this is the case don't worry. Something that worked for me that is very simple to do.

1. Make sure that your TS or Vent key is not the same as in game. (Default DOTA2 sets PTT to ",")
2. Change the in game PTT key to the key you have bind to TS or Vent.
3. Change the in game PTT key back to the default. (which is ",").

That should do the trick. If you have any other tricks please post them.